Moments of Reflection


Henry David Thoreau famously said that the question is not what you look at, but what you see. What do you see when you look up at the sky? The Sun rises and sets every single day but do you stop and take notice---and not just when you are on vacation but on an average day when you are doing average stuff. Visit a lake, a pond or your local State Park and observe the play of light at different times of the day—— notice what you see and what you feel.

This pic was recently taken at the Chauncy lake in Westborough, MA as the dusk was quickly turning into night. The light touched the dark, the sky looked infinitely greater as its own shadow dived deep into the blue-black waters and one by one, you could see the Jupiter, the Saturn and then many other stars. The blinking light of an airplane somewhere far away in horizon slowly moved along.

A Moment of deep Reflection—-of skies in the water, of gratitude in my heart. I feel awe-inspired every time I look up at the sky. I bow to the divine within this Universe and within you.

Namaste! ~ Ritu

Ritu KapurComment