SO-HUM. I Am That. That I Am.


The Sanskrit Mantra SO-HUM can be translated as I am That or That I am. The word "that” here refers to the divine within us, the universe or the ultimate reality.

When used for meditation, SOHUM acts as a mantra to control one's breathing pattern, to help achieve deep breath, and to gain concentration.

  • Soooo... is the sound of inhalation, and is remembered in the mind along with that inhalation.

  • Hummm... is the sound of exhalation, and is remembered in the mind along with that exhalation.

Cooperation Over Competition

At SOHUM, cooperation is more important than competition. When you compete, there are winners and losers. When you cooperate, everyone is a winner.

SOHUM was envisioned by Ajay and Ritu Kapur, a couple who lives in Hopkinton with their 2 children. They are both professionals who worked on this dream with their full time jobs. Ritu left her job as a Rehab Director in 2017 and is currently following her passion of yoga full-time. She teaches yoga not just at the studio but also locally to children with Autism and to people undergoing Recovery. She is involved in many local Non-profit organizations in town.

Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio opened its doors in August, 2013 with the mission to promote health and wellness to ALL, for the body and for the mind.

Sohum’s goal is to provide individuals a platform for personal transformation and create a vibrant member community. WE believe that Yoga is for everyone.  We aim to achieve our mission by offering classes in yoga and meditation for people with all abilities with experienced instructors and by providing members an opportunity to connect with one another via classes, discussion groups, workshops, Retreats and other wholesome activities.