If you are looking for a community with which to practice yoga, Sohum is the place for you! Here you will find very experienced and sensitive teachers eager to help you advance your practice, as well as like-minded participants. Sohum is the place to be for classes that integrate yoga for mind, body and spirit!
— Donna, Northborough

I had never taken a yoga class and a friend recommended that I try Sohum. My friend was right. The class has fulfilled my needs and my back is much better; I am able to sleep better at night. I look forward to each week’s class.
— Chuck, Southborough

I have just started taking the meditation classes with Lisa Campbell and I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is. Lisa has a gentle spirit and she connects with everyone in the room. Her guided meditations are just that - guided - and she is so open and honest in her approach that even someone like me, that has as hard time quieting her mind, is able to tune out the rest of the world. If you think you cannot meditate, or that meditation is only for overly spiritual folks, then please reconsider and join Lisa for a session. You will be glad you did.
— Lori, Sudbury

I am so happy to have found Pat’s class. She is so warm and welcoming and allows us to go at our own pace. This is exactly the kind of class I was looking for. I did not realize how much I would like it and how well it would fit my needs.
— Betsy, Westborough

Sohum yoga studio is my home away from home. There is a certain sense of peace and coziness that I feel every time I enter the studio. I have been attending classes since Sohum first opened. I have taken classes with several teachers at Sohum and I find that every teacher despite praciticing different styles of yoga is compassionate caring and really dedicated.
— Kumud, Southborough

From the moment I walked into the studio I knew immediately that this where I wanted to begin my journey… to find time for myself once again. Sohum Yoga Studio has been one of the best choices I have ever made for myself. If you feel as if you are running in circles and are in need of some serious “me time” this is the place for you too! I want to thank Ritu, from the bottom of my heart for sharing her expertise and for creating the most relaxing, inviting and friendly environment. I look forward to being part of this studio for years to come!
— Kelley, Westborough

Sohum is a welcoming and supportive yoga studio, where you don’t have to worry about feeling pushed too hard. The instructors work with you to find alternatives or use props if any position is difficult or painful. I strongly recommend checking out a class at Sohum, even if you think you “can’t do yoga”. You might be surprised!
— Ellen, Hopkinton