Fall in Bergen

pc: Hanne O

pc: Hanne O

“I feel so grateful I want to scream it out loud, but at the same time hold it in my silence. The colors of the change is so soothing, being surrounded by, yet it feels empty to leave the beauty of life and summer. I sometimes compare the cycle of breaths, prana, to the changing of the seasons. Seeing Fall as the deep exhalation, before the breath takes its pause(winter), and deeply inhale again spring, and sealing the uplift, fire and energy in the pause (of summer).

And here we are. My lungs have felt so filled lately. Maybe more filled than ever in my life. I am more prepared to release into exhalation than ever, and I do. Still, my days come with some strange feeling of a loss. Sorrow, or longing. Something I felt before, but does not recognize. I guess it's the beauty of melancholia, creating gratitude, tranquility, solitude, glowing thoughts and hill sides 🧡🍂🦋 Fall really teaches us how immensely beautiful change is, and how beautiful it can be to let go.

I just walk. A bit restless, but I walk. All over town. It happened here. The Golden times. It turned red, orange and yellow. I just want to surrender to it. Become it. The fire without fire. The sharpness of air. I made you some pictures today thinking of you during my walk. 🧡🍂 Warm thoughts are coming towards Boston. I hope you are having a good day.“

Hanne O., A friend in Bergen, Norway

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