An AHA Moment!


For two days I had been bothered by a nagging sense of anxiety, by thoughts of sadness and despair and panic that I feared were signals of some terrible feelings about people or places or things in my life. I fitfully sat in meditation both days and thought I made no inroads at all. And then this morning, while washing dishes and watching the birds in our cherry tree, anxiety started its creep once again so I did what Lisa tells us to do: Name It to Tame It. I let myself recognize how I felt, I allowed myself to feel it, and then, as I investigated what was going on, I had a tremendous AHA! moment. I suddenly made a connection to what was going in my body with what was going on - really going on - in my mind. Sometimes I guess even when you don't think you are making headway, you are - it just takes a bit of time to come to the surface.

By Lori Joyal

Ritu KapurComment