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Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts. This helps you settle in without feeling rushed and disturbing the rest of the class.
  • Please remove shoes in the corridor just inside the entrance.
  • We provide yoga mats and other props at no extra cost. You are welcome to bring your own mat.
  • Please bring your own water. We sell water bottles for $1.
  • Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing.
  • The studio is maintained at a comfortable temperature. These are not hot yoga classes.
  • Please silence your cell phones inside the studio.
  • Please inform your instructor about any old or new injury or other health condition.  Let your instructor know if you don’t want hands-on assistance.
  • The studio may be closed when no classes are in session. Studio generally opens 15-30 min before the start of a class. Please check schedule online before coming to the studio.
  • You can purchase class cards and monthly plans at the studio. We, however, encourage purchasing these in advance from the website so you are not rushed when you come to the class. Please see pricing options page to purchase monthly plans or class cards.
  • Never force yourself into any asana or pose.  Flexibility and strength come gradually.  Remember the basic rule of Yoga, Sthiram-sukham-asanam which means every pose should have steadiness and ease.
  • Please pick up after yourself, clean the mat (if using studio mat) with provided spray, and stack props away in storage area.