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Pricing Options

New Client 3 Class Special $36 Purchase
 10 Class Card
 $140** Purchase
5 Class Card $75** Purchase
Single Class Drop-In  $16** Purchase
Svaroopa Yoga 8 Class Card (90 min class) $144** Purchase
Svaroopa Yoga Drop-In (90 min class) $20** Purchase
Yoga & Meditation for Teens 7-week session $98 Purchase
Kripalu Yoga in American Sign Language 7-week session $98 Purchase
SOHUM Customizable Gift Card Any Purchase


 Pricing Option Policies:

  1. New Client 3 Class Special, 5 Class Card and 10 Class Card can be used for all Yoga and Meditation group classes except “Sweet Pea Yoga”, Svaroopa Yoga or sessions such as "Yoga/Meditation for Teenagers".
  2. New Client 3 Class Special and 5 Class Card are valid for 3 months from sale date
  3. 10 Class Card is valid for 6 months from sale date
  4. Svaroopa Yoga 8 Class Card is valid for 4 months from sale date and can be used only for Svaroopa Yoga classes
  5. There is a $5 processing fee for refunds back to credit cards.
  6. 24 hour cancellation policy for workshops and private Yoga appointments

 * New Student Special is only for clients who have not taken any classes at SOHUM before.

 ** Students and Seniors eligible for 10% discount. Discount applied at studio.