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Meditation Classes


Mindfulness meditation has allowed me to sit and be quiet for the present moment; to become aware of my breath.  I am calmer, more patient, reduces my stress and my worries.  It gives me greater balance of my thoughts and not conditioned to react to all the senses around me.   SOHUM's meditation classes give me peace of mind; with practice and some discipline, it will be on-going for my life. - Wendy

I am becoming more self observant and a little less caught up in my old mental and emotional habits as a result of attending SOHUM's meditation classes. - David


SOHUM Mindfulness Program

Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Life.

Saturdays 9:00-9:45am.

Pay-what-you-want pricing for this class.

SOHUM's unique program of mindfulness-based exercises designed to help develop skills and habits that promote peace and joy in our lives. Skills such as mindfulness, calm, concentration and equanimity.

Each class includes:

  • Gentle stretching
  • Guided meditation
  • Tips for daily practice
  • Sharing our insights and meditative experiences with others


Pricing for this class is Pay-What-You-Want, so you can choose to pay any amount you like, or nothing at all, when you come to the class. Suggested amount is $5-$10. If you prefer, you can still use your SOHUM class passes for this class as well.

Register for free. Pay-what-you-want when you come to the class


Group Meditation for Mindful Living

Awaken to your True Nature

Wednesdays 9-10am

Those who meditate in groups often report feelings of greater connectedness and have a deeper meditation experience than when they practice on their own.  Join our growing community of like-minded friends who gather weekly to learn about the many benefits of meditation.  Experience a variety of meditation techniques (including concentrative, open awareness, and mindfulness); learn the ingredients that every meditation requires, the importance of posture, essentials for cultivating a successful daily practice, and how to work with hindrances that can arise.   Discover how you can bring insights gained from the cushion into your daily life to experience healthier and happier relationships with yourself and the world!  All levels and traditions are warmly welcomed.



Serenity Sunday Guided Meditation

Peace is Already Present

Sundays 3pm - 4pm

Do you have the Sunday blues? Have a busy week coming up? Would you like to relax, renew, and reconnect?  

Experience a blissful hour of guided meditation that includes practices of breath and body awareness, self-inquiry, yoga nidra, and lovingkindness. Like a pebble dropped into a pond that slowly descends beneath the waves toward a quieter, more peaceful place, we too can drop beneath the noise and modern day demands to a softer, quieter space, that place of peace that is always present within.