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"We are what we think" - Buddha

Guided meditation classes to awaken to your life and increase peace and happiness

Corporate Wellness


Mindfulness based techniques to reduce stress & enhance harmony in the office

Yoga Therapy

Yoga as a cure for ailments

Relieve aches and pains with our Yoga for Healthy Back Class or Schedule Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Instruction

Learn Yoga from Experienced Teachers

Yoga classes and workshops for all levels from beginner to advanced

Personal Transformation

Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Learn to reject thoughts of fear and doubt. Embrace thoughts of courage, kindness and service. Join our discussion groups, participate in community service, form a support group.

Community Wellness Hour

Free lectures on wellness and social issues hosted by SOHUM

Experts on health and wellness topics present their work free of charge to the community. Open to all.


YogaPoseImage2.jpgSign up for one of our many Yoga classes offered by experienced instructors. Our classes are designed to offer a wide variety of styles and content and are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.   More


MeditationImage4.jpgLearn and practice mindfulness and other meditation techniques to deal with stress & anxiety and to increase peace & happiness. Our guided meditation classes are great for those who are new to meditation as well as for those wanting to deepen their practice.  More

Workshops & Events

waterfall.jpgAttend our upcoming workshops, retreats and events offered by leading wellness teachers in the area. Try something new and make new connections! More 

Community Wellness Hour

wellness-apple_small.jpgA FREE lecture and discussion series on wellness and social topics hosted by SOHUM at its studio. Everyone welcome. If you would like to present, please contact us at info@sohum.org. More

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facebookLogo.pngLike us on facebook and post your thoughts and comments on SOHUM's facebook page. Our facebook page also features daily inspirational quotes, daily updates about our classes & events and links to other news and events that may be of interest to our clients.

Corporate Wellness

CorporateYogaImage.jpgSOHUM offers a corporate wellness program. Learn more about how you can incorporate midfulness in your work place to reduce stress and promote harmony. More 

Be Part of a Community


Share your passion, ideas and energy with others. Join a club, start a discussion topic or organize events to connect with like minded peers. More

 SOHUM is pleased to host a COMMUNITY WELLNESS HOUR at its studio on certain Sundays of the month from 5:30-6:30 pm. This lecture/discussion series is free of charge and completely open to the community. Topics will center around wellness and community engagement.


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Sunday, June 8, 10:30am–12:00pm, Malu Doherty

Folks who have danced their yoga have described it as, powerful, fun, liberating, connected, relaxing and peaceful - all in one class. A LYYD class is a safe place for you to express yourself, to shake something loose that’s been holding you down, and to connect with others in a community of supportive people who love to laugh. If you’ve ever put on some great music and danced with friends in your kitchen.....Well, then its a lot like that.

PatLebau.jpgPositional Therapy Workshop

Saturday, May 17, 10:30am–12:30pm,Pat Lebau 
Low back pain? Upper back and shoulder tightness? Stiff neck?

Come learn a gentle, effective method for relieving common sources of pain in the body! In this workshop you’ll learn: How muscular imbalances lead to pain, How to address the root cause of most pain, How to bring the body back into balance with simple stretches and yoga postures, How to maintain the results at home.

ShanthiYogini.jpgYoga Power Though Dance and Story

Saturday, May 3, 2:00–4:00pm, Shanthi Yogini

Come and leverage 3 different wellness strategies in one simple workshop to have the energy and wellness you had when you were 16. Access the unique and beautiful choreography of body movements that combine the ancient hidden wisdom of Yoga and the art of Indian Dance. Even better, you will get it quickly and remember it, even your body will remember it through the power of compelling Storytelling.

Sohum_picMLuther.pngFree Community Wellness Hour: The Benefits of Regular Detox

Sunday, May 4, 5:30–6:30pm, Dr. Margaret Luther 

Are you ready to detox for long-term health? Come learn about the 5 Primary Pathways of Elimination, how to support them and what it means to do a detox for long-term health. Spring is the perfect time for a detox!.

JosephCarringer.JPGEmbracing the Power of Mind/Body Connection

Sunday, May 4, 10:30am–12:30pm, Joseph Carringer

Discover the impact of stored negative emotion and energetic stagnation and how various blockages in different regions of the energetic and physical bodies can lead to specific illnesses. The workshop will cover the importance of regular meditative practices and how to use meditation as a manifestation tool for stagnation release and the maintenance of optimal health. The group will participate in a 45 minute didgeridoo journey with time to share experiences.

SkysTheLimit.pngYogathon to benefit Hopkinton Middle School "Sky's the Limit" Courtyard Project

Sunday, May 18, 9:00am–8:00pm, Multiple Instructors

A full day of Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi to benefit Hopkinton Middle School "Sky's the Limit" Courtyard Project.